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Compare Our Bracket Kit Brands

Banner Saver Bracket Kits

Banner Saver is the world’s leading performance banner bracket designed to make light pole banners last longer. Wind tunnel-tested to spill 87% of the wind, Banner Saver has survived hurricanes and is the most specified banner bracket in the world. In high-wind environments, it’s spring-loaded, wind-release system reduces stress on banners and poles. When the wind dies down, banners go right back to their original position. Also includes a 10-year warranty!

KBW Bracket Kits

Wind-force tested up to 100 miles per hour, KBW banner bracket hardware is made to withstand the elements. Regardless of the style or size of the post that you are attaching your banner to, BannerFlex offers a wide range of hardware that is capable of securely fastening your banner in place. Furthermore, with its 12-year warranty, you can be confident that, no matter the conditions, KBW banner bracket hardware will meet your expectations.

Windspill Banner Brackets

Windspill Banner Mounting Hardware has been reliably displaying Street Pole Banners since it first received a U.S. Patent in 1992. Tens of thousands of installations attest to the strength and durability of Windspill Banner Mounting Brackets. Also includes a 10-year warranty!